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Your business needs a website. There is just one thing holding you back. You really don’t want to have to get in touch with a developer every time you want to make a change to it! You are a small business and you want to do it yourself. There are two options that are perfect for you. Neither of them require any coding knowledge or much technical knowledge at all. If you can use a text editor you can use these user-friendly content management options for your business’s website.


Learn how you can manage your smallbuiz website without knowing any code! No more hiring a developer just so you can update your site! If you can use a text editor you can do it!WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. Millions of websites are powered by this in every industry and every niche. From personal blogs to e-commerce sites it’s endlessly customizable and easy to use. WordPress is so popular that most hosts include an easy, guided way to install it. One click, fill in some information and you are up and running in no time! Through its endless variety of plugins you can customize the way WordPress works to suit any need. You can easily turn your website into an online store, add buttons so visitors can easily share your content on social media or even add contact forms without touching any code! The looks of your WordPress site are just as flexible. You aren’t stuck with the traditional “blog” look, it can take any form with its endless variety of themes. Themes customize the look and feel of your WordPress site ranging from popular styles like parallax to traditional two and three column designs.

Who is it for: Any business. This is an especially good platform for anyone who wants to create a completely custom looking site. It’s options are endless and it features a thriving developer ecosystem that is always creating new themes and plugins to give you near infinite options.

Looking for a no fuss option?

No dealing with hosting or domains or any of that stuff, plus an awesome editor that doesn’t require you need code? Try StudioPress Sites! StudioPress takes care of all the hard stuff, so you just need to worry about one thing: your business.

StudioPress Sites


SquareSpace is a newer option for website owners who want a sleek, modern looking website without having to know any technical or coding skills. It hasn’t been around as long as WordPress, but it’s developed a strong following and is a great option for any business. It’s a flexible platform that can support e-commerce, blogs and anything else you’d expect of a website. It features dozens of incredibly stylish, well designed themes you can use as is or easily customize yourself. Customization is easy with their visual editor you can see how your site will look before it goes live! Squarespace requires no coding knowledge, it’s as easy as dragging and dropping. Squarespace isn’t quite as customizable as WordPress but it still offers everything a website needs, from easy social sharing options to SEO optimization settings.

Who is it for: The business who wants to have a beautiful and modern website with minimal fuss and smaller e-commerce sites.

Both WordPress and Squarespace are the perfect platforms for any small business who wants to have an easy to manage website that will complete your online brand. Neither require complicated technical setups or any knowledge of code and can be used without hiring any external developers or designers. If you are looking for something outside the box or that is a perfect representation of your brand you will want to hire a designer who can help give you the custom experience your business needs.

What’s your favorite website platform with no coding required?

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