Rethink Your Design Business.

When you started your design business, why did you do it? To create beautiful designs? To help your clients strive for their goals?

Was spending hours getting frustrated at code and technical issues on that list?

It’s time to take your web or brand design business to a deeper level. Where you get to spend more time helping your clients and creating gorgeous designs that serve your clients. It’s time to spend less time coding and more time designing.

Go deeper.

You need a code whisperer who understands your mindset, who’s aware of the design process. Like me! I’ve got a background in design. I have worked in an agency setting as well as independently with driven souls around the world. I’ve been where you are! Let me help you articulate your vision with code. Get the best of both worlds: more time spent creating, and give your clients a quality responsive, user-friendly, modern WordPress powered website; everything they need to grow or establish their presence on the web.

I’ve worked with clients across niches; from bloggers new and established, to journalists, small businesses, consultants and more. Together we can serve more ambitious souls, driven to chase their dreams.

If you need a hand with your WordPress site, @kararajchel is knowledgeable and fast. #design #freelancer

Melissa Shaw

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Designation: Blogger

Thank you Kara Rajchel for taking our vision and making it reality. Much pleased with your professionalism, reliability, and we are very impressed that the site got done much earlier than the deadline set up by us. Even the long distance was not a problem with the design process. Thank you for your outstanding services!!

Adan Martins

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Company Name: Profile Floor Care Inc
Designation: Owner

Fast turnaround with great communication. If something didn't work or look right Kara made suggestions and helped the process go easily and smooth for me.

Sarah Fredenburg

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Designation: Photographer

Are you ready to transform your business?

Partner with me.



Kara Rajchel | Web Designer | Graphic Designer | SEO | Social MediaOriginally from idyllic Vermont, Kara is a misplaced Vermonter whose currently living in: North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Seoul RoK, Iwakuni Japan. She is a fur mom of 3; including 2 cats and one horse. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Vermont in Animal Science, her Professional Certificate in Web Design from the Community College of Vermont, and is currently pursuing her Masters in Information Technology with a Concentration in Web Design at Southern New Hampshire University Online.Kara Rajchel | WordPress Web Developer

Kara believes in chasing her dreams through entrepreneurship and wants to help other women like her do the same. She understands the power of the internet as a conduit to help make those dreams reality.

When she’s not staring at code, she’s exploring Japan with her husband, spending time in Azeroth and Argus, watching hockey, at the gym lifting heavy, dreaming of being at the barn, or indulging in her love of drawing and photography.

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