When was the last time you spent working on your web design business? Not, client work, but growing and nurturing your business. Doing all those little things like tweaking your marketing, updating your site, and making sure your own brand is spot on? Getting caught up in client work and everything else that goes into your business can make it difficult to actually spend time nurturing your business. We get stuck working in our business, not just on it. Can you relate

I know when I’m busy with client work my own business takes a back seat. Who has time to write blog posts when clients are waiting? Then when things slow down a bit and you have time to take a breath you head over to your own site only to realize you now hate it, your blog hasn’t been updated in months, and your marketing has been nonexistent sporadic at best! It’s time to break free from the grind and start putting yourself first. It’s time to nurture your business for future growth and give it the care it needs to thrive. To help you get out of your business and start actually working on it, not in it, I’m sharing 5 tips that will help you free up time and resources to allow your business to grow and thrive.

3 Tips to Work On Your Web Design Business (Not Just In It)

1 | Set a Schedule

I’m probably the last person who should be giving this advice, but a schedule really does help. I’m so bad with schedules, I use them as loose guidelines (which is something I’m trying to overcome) meaning sure that project will get worked on today, maybe even completed, but not necessarily between 10:30 am and noon like the schedule says I should. That’s not a good way of working, it allows things to fall through the cracks and makes it really easy to avoid doing stuff you really don’t want to do. Sure, bookkeeping isn’t fun, but doing it every week or once a month sure is better than the night before taxes are due, right?

Make your schedule work for you by keeping in mind the following:

  • Include all business activities including client work, growth activities, and administrative tasks.
  • Give yourself buffer room. Things happen.
  • Make time for you. That includes the little things, that means setting aside a time for lunch and a time to end the day.
  • Keep in mind your own preferences. If you work better later in the day, set up your schedule to include that. Same for you early birds!
  • Update as needed. Notice that certain tasks don’t take that long or longer than anticipated? Change them. Can’t write a blog post in the afternoon? Change it to morning. Experiment to see what works for you.

2 | Use the Right Tools

There are lots of tools that can make your life easier! Use them! You can spend your time manually posting to social media, or creating a new customized response to onboard every client, but why make it harder for yourself? Give yourself more time by using helpful tools that allow you to free up time to spend more time working on client work, or enhancing your work-life balance. Not every tool is for everyone, so don’t be afraid to try a new one to see how it works for you. The one everyone using might not be the best for your situation. TO help you decide, I’m sharing some of my favorites. They help me save so much time and balance my life, and I think they will do the same for you!

The following contains affiliate links. I only share products & services I believe in and use or have used myself. If you purchase using my links I’ll receive monetary compensation at no additional cost to you.

Awesome tools to help you streamline your process:

Social Media Tools:
  • Buffer – My Fave social media scheduler. Works on ALL social networks.
  • Hootsuite – Another powerful social media scheduler.
  • Tweetdeck – THE Twitter app, made for Twitter power users.
  • Tailwind – Powerful Pinterest Scheduler.
  • Planoly – Visual Instagram planner.
Business Tools:
  • Passion Planner (My current planner for 2018) A great planner that helps you get organized and smash goals.
  • 17Hats – Invoicing, contracts, CRM, and project management all in one app!
  • Plutio – Another multipurpose tool; invoicing, contracts, CRM,  and project management. Extremely active development team and is constantly growing and it includes white label abilities!
  • IFTTT – A useful app that lets you automate, well almost anything!
  • Asana – Easy to use project management tool.
Design Tools & Assets
  • Creative Market – You know them, you love them. TONS of high-quality digital goods at your fingertips.
  • Pixelo – Get amazing design related bundles to empower your business and work.
  • StudioPress Sites & Genesis Framework – High-quality WordPress hosting services and top of the line WordPress theme framework to help you get your websites up faster without sacrificing quality.
  • Pexels – Free, high-quality stock photos.
  • Unsplash – Even more high-quality stock photos.

3 | Get Help

There comes a point in time when you need help with your business. If you find yourself spending too much time on tasks that are distracting you from other tasks that are more beneficial to your business (like you know, working on client projects) it’s time to start thinking about working with others. Depending on what you need it could mean hiring a VA or developer for a few hours every month or even growing your team to hire your first contractor or employee.

How do you know when it’s time to get help for your web design business?

Take a look at your time. How are you spending your working time? How many hours are you working each day or week? If you are spending more time doing tasks that would be done more quickly and with higher quality, by someone who specializes in that tasks it’s something you should consider outsourcing. Next, take a look at how long you are working, do you have a good work-life balance or could it be better? If it’s not great and your schedule and use of automation are as good and smooth as it gets, then considers outsourcing.

Working on your business to nurture it and help it grow is essential. By taking advantage of useful tools, a little help, and a well-designed schedule you can redefine how you are spending your time. You can spend more time working on your web design business instead of in it.

How do you balance working on your web design business vs. working in it?

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