Web developers aren’t just there when you need to create a site, there are many more ways a developer can help grow your web design business, and help boost your productivity. You may not have thought of these unexpected ways a web developer can support your web design business! By outsourcing these common tasks to a developer you can spend more time doing what you love and help your web design business grow.

A web developer isn't just for helping you create amazing websites! Your developer is your secret weapon that helps support your business, and helping your web design business grow. They allow you to focus on what matters most!

1 | Website Maintenance & Backups

A properly maintained website is more secure and runs better than a website that’s not. Maintenance is necessary to protect websites from known security issues, and to prevent disasters in case the worst should happen. Backing up your WordPress website is essential to ensure you can quickly and easily recover from a disaster scenario.

2 | Website Edits & New Features

Websites grow and change as the business needs of the brands that created them grow and change. New website features, or even small website changes or edits can eat up your time. A developer can help you complete these tasks quickly and efficiently, while allowing you to spend more time designing and less time coding.

3 | Domain Name Services & Management

Need to redirect a new domain name? Need some MX settings changed? Want email set up for your new domain? A developer can help you with all of these tasks! Messing with domain settings is a daunting task, and a mistake could lead to a loss of traffic to your site! Avoid those risks and regain your time to focus on more pressing areas of focus by handing it off to someone who will get it done quickly & efficiently.

4 | Website Speed Tweaks

What’s slowing down your website? Well, If I was to guess, it would be your images, and scripts. A developer can help you pin point what’s slowing down your site and help you fix your slow site by taking care of performance issues like minifying CSS and JavaScript and enabling browser caching. These small tweaks can make a visible difference in the load time of your website, increasing the user experience of your visitors.

5 | Technical Consultation

What’s the best platform for the e-commerce site you are wanting to build? What’s the best way to add social sharing buttons to your site?  How can you see your Google Analytics on your dashboard, or manage multiple WordPress sites without having to log into each one? A developer can help you with all these questions and more! Get professional advice so you can achieve the best solution to your problem.

6 | Troubleshooting & Bug Squashing

Have a website problem? Can’t log in? White screen of death where your site should be? A developer can help you pinpoint and fix any bug or issue you encounter over the lifespan of your website. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new problem that showed up after a recent upgrade, or an existing one you’ve been working around for a while, a developer can fix the issue and help you keep your sanity.

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What tasks have you turned to a developer for? What tasks do you currently need help with that would help you grow your web design business?

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