You’ve got a Facebook page. You’ve got a Facebook group to help build community and your brand to go along with your Facebook Page. Wouldn’t it be great if they were both connected? Guess what!? You now can connect your Facebook Page to Your Facebook group! It’s so easy, I’m ashamed to say I spent way too much time clicking around Facebook and searching for tutorials before I figured out how to do it. It’s so easy, and I’m going to walk you through it step-by-step.

It only takes 4 simple steps and less than 5 minutes to link your Facebook Page to your Facebook Group. Let's get started so you can enjoy this new benefit today!

Don’t waste your time like I did. This will take you about 5 whole minutes, if you go slow. But why would you even bother? Well, it gives you the ability to manage your group with your Page, plus it makes it so much easier for your Facebook fans to find your group. No longer do you have to direct them to via email or other means. Now you have a nice little tab showing up on your page that anyone who clicks on it can go to! Pretty neat right?!

Not working for you? Facebook doesn’t always roll out new features to everyone. Hang tight for a little while, and see if it will work for you in a couple of days.

How to Link Your Facebook Page to Your Facebook Group (In 4 Easy Steps)

Step 1 | Go to your Page’s settings.

Once there, go to “Edit Page”.

link Facebook Page to Facebook Group Step 1

Step 2 | Go to your Page’s Tab Settings

If you do not see “Groups” under the page tabs, click the “Add Tab” button. You should be able to select “Groups” and add that new tab. Once you are done, it will show up with your other Page tabs.

link Facebook Page to Facebook Group Step 2

Step 3 | Connect Your Group

link Facebook Page to Facebook Group Step 3

Select the group you want to connect to the page or create a new one. The groups you’ve already created (if any) will show up for you to choose from.

Step 4 | Profit

link Facebook Page to Facebook Group Step 4

Upon success it will look a little something like this. Congrats! You’ve now officially connected your Facebook Group to your Facebook Page! Your group will now show the association with your Page, as well as be added as a group administrator. You can then administrate your group from your Page, instead of your personal profile.

Have you connected your Page to your Group yet? What was your experience like? Share in the comments!


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