I created Adumbrate with the goal of creating a versatile WordPress theme that would entice bloggers who want a minimal and content focused design. I chose colors that were very subdued and light. I went for a more neutral color palette that was inspired by nature, specifically a cloudy or foggy day near the seaside or a lake. I chose fonts that were at the same time traditional but also modern and clean. I wanted the emphasis to be on the content and images on the site, not on the theme itself.

I designed the Adumbrate theme to appeal to visually centered bloggers such as fashion and food bloggers or design bloggers. Perfectly composed images are enhanced by ample white space and the subtle color palette while the widgets and slide shows give the bloggers many options to display their work. This theme also has a large number of widgets which make it very customizable. Bloggers can choose what they would like to add to make the theme their own with no coding needed. Additionally Adumbrate contains an additional purple color palette and an easily customizable color theme that can be customized by bloggers familiar with CSS.

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