My inspiration for this project was to create a responsive, clean, elegant and feminine theme that would appear to female bloggers in the lifestyle and fashion niches. I chose the Genesis framework due to its popularity with bloggers. The font choices of Champagne & Limousines and Rouge Script were chosen because of their refined, elegant, and feminine style. Champagne & Limousines was also chosen because its legible on the screen while still standing out from many of the more common font choices which would appeal to the blogger who wants to show off their personality. The colors were selected because of their feminine appearance, while wanting to stay away from a purely pink design I also incorporated teal and yellow as accents, while keeping the main font a neutral grey.

Classy Gal WordPress Theme by Kara Rajchel
The initial Photoshop mockup.

This was my first time developing a theme with the Genesis framework. I learned a lot as I went through it including gaining a better understanding in the usage of hooks within WordPress, and just how powerful the functions.php files of a theme can be! I have worked with other frameworks before such as Shoestrap and _s, however there was a bit of a learning curve with Genesis. That was quickly overcome as I developed this project. After working with Genesis I found it very intuitive and easy to use as a developer. In my next Genesis child themes I plan on using more of the abilities that Genesis offers such as it’s responsive slider support, and developing more complex and feature rich themes.

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