Warm weather and ample sunshine bring thoughts of summer vacation to mind. As a busy web designer, how can you leave your business and go on vacation? I mean, really go on vacation, with no emails. no messages, just you enjoying life beyond your business? How do you go on a summer vacation from your web design business? It is possible, and with these tips, you can set up your business to run on autopilot while you enjoy your well deserved time off.

How to Go on a Summer Vacation From Your Web Design Business (And Take Care of Your Clients) via @kararajchel

1 | Plan Ahead.

The most important action you need to take is to plan ahead. Select your vacation time and block it off on your schedule! Don’t schedule clients, don’t schedule phone meetings, don’t schedule anything. Treat your vacation time as you would any other important business milestone or event. Once you have your time blocked off, let your clients know. If you have any you will be working up right until the end, make sure they know upfront how your vacation will impact your project timelines. If you provide any ongoing services to your clients, give them ample notice as well and ensure they are all set before you head off on vacation.

Protip: Got client homework? Give it to them before heading on vacation, so when you return you have everything you need to get started right away.

2 | Embrace Automation

Automation can make running your business easier, but it’s especially important when you are wondering how to go on a summer vacation from your web design business! Automation allows you to schedule your social media posts to keep your accounts active and engaged, it allows you to still collect new email list subscribers and deliver your opt-ins, and it allows you to still take prospective clients and give them your welcome packet. You can take care of all of these tasks ahead of time by taking advantage of some wonderful apps that will help you save time and automate some of time consuming business tasks.

Here are some of my favorite automation tools in case you need a little help getting started with automation or need to upgrade your services.

This post includes affiliate links, that means if you purchase using my links I’ll receive a bit of income at no additional cost to you. I use all of these programs and services and my opinion of them isn’t influenced in any way. I’m sharing them cuz I love them and they make running my business so much easier!

  • Buffer – Amazing and easy to use social media scheduling tool. Best of all it works for EVERY social network. Yes, even Pinterest and Instagram!
  • 17Hats – A full-service CRM, invoicing tool and so much more! Create automated workflows to get your clients onboard quickly and efficiently.
  • IFTTT – A free app that allows you to create custom applets to do, well, nearly anything.
  • Mailerlite – Freemium newsletter app that has great automation services to automate your opt-in sequences or any other email sequences you’d like!
  • Tailwind – A Pinterest powerhouse app. Expand your reach & growth on Pinterest with Tribes and pin scheduling.

3 | Partner With a Developer

Developing websites can be a time-consuming part of the process. Doing it all on your own is challenging! Running into problems (because there’s always problems) can slow down and stall your process. By working with a developer you can ensure the development process goes smoothly and is on time. What does this mean for you? It means you can go on a summer vacation from your web design business while your developer works on your client’s sites and return to finished sites ready to be launched! It’s win-win for everyone involved! Your clients get their site without delay, you get to go on vacation, and the developer gets to do what they love best: code.

I offer services to meet any need from monthly retainer services to help your sites run smoothly or make changes to existing sites, to pre-paid developer hours that you can use when you need them, to project by project work. If you want to reclaim your time from developing your designs, let chat!

Running your own business is hard work. SUmmer vacations are essential to recharging yourself and enjoying life beyond business. With planning a little help, you can make sure your clients are taken care of and your business doesn’t suffer while you are out enjoying yourself and embracing life.

How do you prepare your web design business for your summer vacation? How do you go on a summer vacation from your web design business?

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